Everything seems as it normally would be when the bride and groom rush into the reception like rock stars – then the new wife proves she actually is one. Watch the above video, as a newlywed plays Metallica's "Master of Puppets" at her own ceremony.

The groom begins by high fiving all of his friends, while the wedding band plays an opening riff. Then, as the applause dies down, the bride can be found behind the drum kit, smashing out of a groove that would no doubt bring a quick smile of recognition from Lars Ulrich. And, depending on the state of his own love life, maybe even a twinge of jealousy, as well.

Oh, this gal kills it. And we're not exactly talking about one of Metallica's modern-era slow burners, either. "Master of Puppets," the title track from their 1986 commercial breakthrough, still bears the fleet menace of Metallica's thrash roots. Check out the groom -- who's standing in place of James Hetfield, growling away. The guy can't keep from smiling at his spouse's obvious prowess.

And neither can we.

Meanwhile, Metallica have been slowly but surely working on a new studio album – their first since Death Magnetic in 2008. Master of Puppets was Metallica's major-label debut, their first gold-selling project and, ultimately, the first thrash album to be certified platinum.

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