Metallica have revealed more details about the upcoming pinball machine that will feature the band and its music. A recently released video from Stern Pinball zips through a highlights reel of behind-the-scenes images, and the band itself has offered a few additional details, including that the machine will be available in three formats.

According to, the pins will be released in May, although that's probably when the games will be available for purchase, not when they'll actually be available for play. The three models -- pro, premium and limited-edition -- will each feature 12 Metallica songs, including 'Master of Puppets,' 'One,' 'Fade to Black' and 'Enter Sandman.'

Additional features include an electric chair, a snake, grave markers, band-member speech tracks and stainless-steel ramps. A complete list of features for each model is available on the band's website. The premium and limited-edition machines will include a ball-smashing hammer with images of the band members and a disappearing magnetic-ball mechanism.

Prices for the game haven't been disclosed yet. Stern has also made similar machines for AC/DC, 'Avatar,' 'Iron Man' and 'Spider-Man.' A premium model AC/DC machine is available on eBay for about $7,000. The pro model is listed a little below $4,800.

Watch Metallica's Pinball Game Video

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