While the temporary marriage of Metallica and Lou Reed seemed like a most harmonious union, Lars Ulrich remembers when things got a little testy. During a revealing interview with Spin, the drummer recalls the day Reed wanted to fight him.

"One time I had to point something out to him about how things were functioning in the outside world and he got hot and bothered," Ulrich says. "He challenged me to a street fight, which is a pretty daunting proposition because he's an expert in martial arts and is never too far from a sword."

"The good thing about me is I can do the 100-meter dash faster than most other 48-year-old musicians."

Ulrich answers a number of other questions aimed at exploring what's wrong with Metallica rather then what's right with Metallica, like why two-day tickets to the Orion Music and More Festival cost $150 -- "We're not being paid to play Orion. It costs close to $10 million to put it together. That's gotta come from somewhere other than, 'Metallica's gonna write a check'" -- and his least favorite song from the 'Black Album.'

"'Don't Tread on Me' has that shuffle vibe. That's not my thing, but I don't wish to erase it from all 97 bazillion copies of the 'Black Album.'"

The Orion Festival takes place on June 23 and 24 in Atlantic City, N.J. Modest Mouse, Avenged Sevenfold, Best Coast and Eric Church are some of the artists booked to perform that weekend.

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