The guys in Metallica have already shattered the 3D barrier with their new movie 'Through the Never.' What's next for the metal legends? According to drummer Lars Ulrich, they're getting ready to announce a project that will take them to "another frontier."

Ulrich spilled the beans during an interview with San Francisco rock radio station 107.7 FM, saying, "There's a very interesting thing coming our way in December ... There's another frontier heading in Metallica's direction in December." What that means exactly, he wouldn't say; in fact, he quickly admitted that if the band's management found out he was leaking word of whatever they have planned, "they would hunt me down and silence me. But there is another frontier coming in December, which we're very excited about."

Naturally, reporters have tried to get Ulrich to crack -- but he's only cracked wise, joking that the mystery project is a sequel to Metallica's much-maligned collaboration with Lou Reed, 'Lulu.' Perhaps sensing that excitement was starting to build, Ulrich tried to lower expectations during another recent interview, cautioning, ""I believe that there's an announcement on Oct. 8. But don't hold me to that, I've been a little caught up in ['Through the Never']. It's not anything of that magnitude ... There may be a few of you that would be disappointed. It's not anything quite at that level."

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