Did you know that there are a whopping eight characters in the X5 edition of the Mega Man video game who boast names based on members of Guns N' Roses? Or how about that the game's maker Capcom had nothing to do with it?

These revelations come from the latest video in our sister site Arcade Sushi's Real True Fact video series. Among the X5 Mega Man characters you'll find in the game, which was released in 2000, are Grizzly Slash and Axel the Red, as well as Squid Adler and Izzy Glow. You can watch the video above.

And how did all this happen? Turns out that the voice actress who dubbed the Japanese game for U.S. audiences is married to a huge Guns N' Roses fan. Officials at Capcom must have found some impish humor in Alyson Court's adaptation, because they let the names stand, and that edition of the game became a small tribute to one of the '80s' most important rock bands.

Fans may want to keep their Mega Man games handy during this quiet period for Guns N' Roses. There have been hints about new music, but the GNR tour page remains empty right now, and guitarist Bumblefoot has turned to solo projects. Meanwhile, former members of the band have been lobbying for some sort of reunion with original members – though frontman Axl Rose has steadfastly avoided the idea.

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