Mark Knopfler will release a new album, One Deep River, this spring.

The LP will arrive via Blue Note on April 12. It was produced by Knopfler himself and Guy Fletcher at British Grove Studios in London.

Ahead of the album's release, Knopfler has shared one of its tracks, "Ahead of the Game," which you can listen to below. A complete track listing is also available below.

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The album's title is a nod to the guitarist's childhood growing up in Newcastle, England, which the River Tyne runs through.

"Crossing the Tyne is always on your mind," Knopfler explained in an email newsletter sent to fans. "It's what you were doing when you were leaving as a youngster and that feeling is always the same every time you do it. You're heading out or you're coming back, and it just connects with your childhood. The power of it doesn’t go away."

One Deep River is available for pre-ordering now, on CD, double gatefold vinyl and cassette. Additionally, there's a limited-edition box set that includes the album on both vinyl and CD, plus nine bonus tracks on LP and CD, a litho print of Knopfler, a guitar pick set and tin and an enamel badge.

Knopfler's Semi-Retirement?

Knopfler's most recent album, Down the Road Wherever, arrived in 2018. While on tour the following year, he told a crowd in Barcelona, "This is a beautiful way to say goodbye," evidently hinting that he would be retiring from the road.

But at subsequent shows, Knopfler appeared to have doubts. At a concert in Phoenix, Arizona, he brought up the idea of retirement, and many fans reportedly responded with shouts of "No!"

"But then, exactly!" he said. "I mean, what's nicer than this? So that takes care of that argument. I mean, I'll come along one night and just fall over, and that'll just take care of everything."

Mark Knopfler, 'One Deep River' Track Listing
1. "Two Pairs of Hands"
2. "Ahead of the Game"
3. "Smart Money"
4. "Scavengers Yard"
5. "Black Tie Jobs"
6. "Tunnel 13"
7. "Janine"
8. "Watch Me Gone"
9. "Sweeter Than the Rain"
10. "Before My Train Comes"
11. "This One's Not Going to End Well"
12. "One Deep River"

Bonus Vinyl Track Listing (In Box Set)
1. "Dolly Shop Man"
2. "Your Leading Man"
3. "Wrong'un"
4. "Chess"

Bonus CD Track Listing (In Box Set)
1. "The Living End"
2. "Fat Chance Dupree"
3. "Along a Foreign Coast"
4. "What I'm Gonna Need"
5. "Nothing But Rain"

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