Can a band employ a butler named Xavier, sip fine wine, and eat cuisine topped with white bean puree while remaining ambassadors of hillbilly rock? Watch Lynyrd Skynyrd's recent video for 'The Soup' and learn.

The clip catches the guys in the band backstage, where they're sitting around a table before their next show -- but rather than playing darts and sharing a bottle of Jack, they're being waited on by their manservant and bemoaning the fact that they've become trapped in a public persona that doesn't allow them to express who they truly are.

Singer Johnny Van Zant laments the loudest, talking about being lumped in with people who go hand fishing and watch 'Honey Boo Boo' (which is, he explains to the other guys, about "some little girl whose mother looks like a giant thumb"). What he really wants to do is leave all this "hillbilly nonsense" behind and pursue his true love: Playing the bassoon.

It's a joke, obviously -- and a pretty funny one in spots, like where the band reveals that the original title of 'Sweet Home Alabama' was actually 'Sweet Home Greenwich, Connecticut.' Check out the full-length clip below.

'The Soup' Presents: Lynyrd Skynyrd Gone Redneck