On their current single 'Heartbreaker,' Canadian exports Loverboy keep their songwriting focus on the subjects that they know best: life, liberty and the pursuit of hot girls in love.

As they creep towards their 35th anniversary as a band,‘Heartbreaker' spins a somewhat familiar, cautionary tale about one of life's forbidden fruits -- a girl who on the surface possesses everything one might want in a romantic partner. Problem is, all that good stuff comes paired with a host of bad qualities that will inevitably leave you alone and crying.

Lead singer Mike Reno’s vocals sound just as smooth as they did in the ‘80s as he shares the vision of a potential conquest who is “ready and willing,” but best avoided, calling her someone who is “like a tangerine that you pick from a tree in the garden of Eden /  You can look but don’t eat.”

Another key lyric in ‘Heartbreaker’ finds Reno dishing that “She may be from heaven/ she may be from Hell/ she may be from Jersey.” But no worries -- that’s no bash on the land of Bruce and Southside Johnny. As Reno shares, it’s merely meant to illustrate that the “girl could be from anywhere.” He says that ‘Heartbreaker’ is filled with situational threads like that which could be applied to any person and any couple. It stands as the latest in the catalog of “relationship songs” which the band has become known for over the years.

The song, which will be released on a new collection called 'Rock 'N' Roll Revival' (out on August 14), is one of two songs that Loverboy recorded in the past year with legendary producer and fellow Canuck Bob Rock. Rock also co-wrote the new material, and fans will be happy to know the trademark Loverboy sound remains very much intact. In fact, the synthesizer sound at the beginning of ‘Heartbreaker’ gives a slight (although perhaps unintentional) nod to the well known synth line of the band’s early hit ‘Turn Me Loose.’

That good karma, supplemented by typically powerful riffing from guitarist Paul Dean, persists throughout the song. While the hooks aren’t monstrous, ‘Heartbreaker’ has what it takes to fit into the setlist well during the band’s tour this summer with Journey.


Watch Loverboy Perform 'Heartbreaker'


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