Lou Reed must be getting tired of seeing the insides of hospitals. Just weeks after the liver transplant that saved his life, he was recently rushed back into emergency care after falling ill.

According to the New York Post, this latest round of medical drama took place on Sunday (June 30), when EMTs were called to his home in the early-morning hours to examine Reed, who had been throwing up repeatedly. Fearing that his body might be rejecting the new liver, the medical personnel on the scene declared an emergency and brought Reed to the nearest hospital.

Fortunately, as TMZ reports, Reed's upset stomach wasn't caused by anything so serious; as it turns out, he was merely dehydrated, and he's now "back home and doing fine."

Reed bemoaned his health woes during a recent interview with the Post, musing, "How could time go that quickly? The other day, I was 19. I could fall down and get back up. Now if I fall down, you are talking about nine months of physical therapy."

He isn't letting that stop him from making plans, though; as ABC News Radio points out, Reed made his first post-transplant appearance on June 20, when he sat for a Q&A at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France.

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