Bertha, Gertrude, Bernice ... these are names one rarely associates with pretty women, but if you keep an open mind you're likely to stumble across a smoking hot Agnes one day. The smartest thing Leslie West did with his duet with Slash is name it 'Mud Flap Mama.' It sets expectations low, which means the song can only surprise us.

That's exactly what happens. Before even getting to the Velvet Revolver guitarist's first extended solo -- which comes before the one-minute mark -- West's heavy, blues-gutiar riff has you by the shirt collar. The lyrics -- written by his wife Jenny, who West says looks like a pinup on the back of a mud flap -- are big and dumb, but let's be honest. We have a long history of embracing big and dumb rock songs.

"Mud flap mama / She's my girl / Don't try to save me I'm right where I wanna be / The mud flap mama at my side," West sings during the first chorus.

It's best to avoid focusing on the uncomfortable innuendo. Instead concentrate on Slash and West's meaty fret work. The two men are gladiators, battling it out on the arena floor. And the winner is ... you!

"You're the mud flap mama, turn on the camera / I gotta get a picture of this / I met her at a truck stop, boy she made my heart stop / Come on over and give me a kiss." OK, that's sort of weird, but look ... it's another delicious guitar solo.

'Mud Flap Mama' is from West's 'Unusual Suspects' album, released in October 2011. Zakk Wylde, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and Joe Bonamassa also appear on separate cuts. Thanks to a generous gift, the 66-year-old Mountain singer will be able to tour this year, despite recently having a leg amputated.

Listen to Leslie West Feat. Slash, 'Mud Flap Mama'