After a few years of health problems that would have felled lesser men, Motorhead frontman Lemmy has been back doing what he does best. In a new interview, he says that he's slowly but surely recovering.

"I’m getting back there," he told VH1. "We’ve just done two tours. It doesn’t really matter what you do, it’s how you do it and how you feel. I gave up smoking more or less. I have one now and again but that’s about it. And I more or less gave up drinking or I switched to vodka instead of Jack Daniels, which is better for you apparently. If you’re going to drink, that’s the least harmful."

Adding that Dave Mustaine's neck surgery that caused Megadeth to pull out of next week's Motorhead's Motorboat cruise "wouldn’t keep me from doing a tour," Lemmy went on to describe the worst injury he ever sustained during a concert.

"I once fell through a hole in the stage," he continued. "I used to wear a bullet belt, right? It was chrome, you know, and I crushed two of the f---ing bullets flat with my hip bone. That was an interesting half hour. Once we got on stage by like the third song I couldn’t move at all from the waist down. But you know, you have to go on ‘cause there’s three to four thousand people who have paid good money. You can’t leave them just lying there if you can help it. Any time we’ve ever canceled anything it was because we couldn’t actually physically do it."

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