If you have access to a BBC radio signal, you can ring in the New Year with Lemmy.

The Motorhead frontman has agreed to host two hours of airtime for BBC Radio 6 on Jan. 1, during which the network promises he'll be "spinning everything from Eddie Cochran to Evanescence and maybe even some Eagles."

That might seem like an unlikely playlist for Lemmy, but then again, he did recently admit that ABBA is one of his all-time favorite bands, and anyway, what's more rock 'n' roll than doing the opposite of what everyone expects? It's just too bad his time slot is limited to two hours; if you ask us, there isn't a station on the dial whose ratings wouldn't improve with Lemmy in the booth.

Whatever he ends up playing, it's easy to understand why Lemmy would want to celebrate the end of 2014, a year that found him slowly on the mend after battling life-threatening health issues the year before. And 2015 is already off to a promising start for Motorhead, who stand to pick up their second Grammy for Best Metal Performance when the ceremony takes place on Feb. 8. The band, who previously won in 2005, are nominated for 'Heartbreaker,' the opening track from 2013's 'Aftershock' LP.