Late Motorhead members Lemmy Kilmister and Wurzel can be heard on a new song by Leader of Down called “Paradise Turned Into Dust." It's from the band's debut album, Cascade Into Chaos.

The band was formed by Wurzel – whose real name is Michael Burston – three years before his death in 2011. He and colleague Tim Atkinson had written the track with Lemmy in mind; the Motorhead frontman recorded his parts in Los Angeles in 2015, a few months before his own death.

You can watch the video below.

“It’s a very bittersweet feeling now that the album is being released,” Atkinson said in a statement. “It feels very strange without Wurzel being here. … I know he would be thrilled with the final result. It was a real pleasure writing with Wurzel as we instinctively knew what both of us were thinking when we put our ideas forward. We always wanted Lemmy to sing on ‘Paradise Turned Into Dust’ and it was a very emotional session. … I just wish that Wurz had been there to see it.”

The album also includes guest appearances by Motorhead alumni Phil Campbell and Fast Eddie Clarke, among others, with Lemmy also providing vocals on “Laugh at the Devil.” “It was amazing that so many friends helped us to finish the album with guest appearances, and I can only thank them from the bottom of my heart," Atkinson said. "To hear Phil playing with Würzel again was absolutely fantastic.”

Cascade Into Chaos will be released on Sept. 28.



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