On Christmas Eve, Lemmy will turn 70 and, despite having been slowed down by numerous health problems recently, he's not looking to stop what he's doing. According to a new interview, the Motorhead bassist and singer is actively fighting it.

"It’s when you get to 60 when everything starts to go pear-shaped," he told Classic Rock. "Everyone thinks that becoming an older guy is easy, but you never consider it fully. It comes as quite a shock. But the thing is, I don’t want to give in to it."

Lemmy's health has been an ongoing topic since June 2013, when he suffered a hematoma and was fitted for a defibrillator, which caused the cancellation of Motorhead's concert schedule for the rest of that year. They also had to skip a few shows during their North American tour this year in support of Bad Magic due to a lung infection that sidelined Lemmy.

He came through that period by joking that he was "still indestructible." But after the death of former drummer Phil "Philty Animal" Taylor and the hospitalization of guitarist Phil Campbell for an undisclosed illness in quick succession last month, Lemmy now struck a more defensive tone when the questions of his health and Motorhead's future was asked.

"I’m sick of the f---ing, ‘Are you going to die?’ line of questioning," he continued. "It's getting really old, that question. I’m alright. I’m going out there and doing my best. I have good days and bad days but mostly I’ve been doing alright."

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