When you were once one of the biggest bands on Earth and you break several years of silence by starting a mysterious countdown on a website, you're kind of begging for some reunion hype. But the surviving members of Led Zeppelin were reportedly not in the mood for any talk of getting back together during their press conference yesterday (Oct. 9).

Vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, and bassist/multi-instrumentalist John Paul Jones were in New York to promote their new concert film, 'Celebration Day,' which commemorates their one-off reunion concert in 2007 -- and they were decidedly not in the mood to answer questions about whether or not the movie would lead to something "bigger" for the band, as evidenced when Plant called the reporter who asked it a "schmuck."

Undaunted, another of the journalists present told the band that, while he enjoyed 'Celebration Day,' "I don't know if it's going to quench the thirst of those who wished to see you in the flesh." After a moment of awkward silence, Plant simply said, "Sorry!"

Realizing he wasn't going to get out of the room without dealing with the reunion question again, Plant later added to his remarks, saying, "If we're capable of doing something, in our own time, that will be what will happen. So any inane questions from people who are from syndicated outlets, you should just really think about what it takes to answer a question like that in one second. We know what we've got, you know."

Plant then referenced the daunting scope of the band's legacy, adding, "I think expectations are a horrific thing. If you go off and play in North Africa, you know you're going to have a good time and work with people and there's nothing else about it. That's how we started in a room with [John Bonham] all that time ago. So to do anything at all together is such a kind of incredible weight, because sometimes we were f---ing awful. And sometimes we were stunning and a couple of times we tried to get together in the meantime."

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