Quick, which '70s Utah-based family of pop superstars would you least suspect of stealing a Led Zeppelin riff for one of their own songs? The Osmonds, right? Well, you might want to listen to 'Hold Her Tight.'

The Osmonds released their 'Crazy Horses' album in 1972,and before you start throwing your Justin Bieber mp3s at us, we should tell it actually rocks! Just ask Alex Harvey or New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band Tank, who both covered the title tune, a guitar-heavy concept piece about ecology.

But it is the lead track off that album that we are discussing here today. 'Hold Her Tight' is a rave up that aptly borrows (i.e. steals) its riff from Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song,' released in 1970.

Now, the Osmonds mention nothing about ice and snow or hammers of the gods here, but check the riff. They're very similar!  Were the brothers Osmond heavily digging on 'Led Zeppelin III''? Looks like it!

We are not suggesting by any means that the Osmond contingent outshines Led Zep, but check out the tunes side by side. They both do rock. That guitar riff plus Merrill's raspy vocals pretty much kick ass! Take that Bobby Plant!

'Hold Her Tight' by The Osmonds


'Immigrant Song' by Led Zeppelin

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