It's one of the most recognizable album covers of the '70s. Led Zeppelin's 'Houses of the Holy' features a group of naked youngsters roaming a stone-laden earth.

TheFW has managed to track down the child models from that shoot. Samantha Gates, now 46 and the mother of a daughter named Tallulah, went on to enjoy life out of the spotlight in Cape Town. However, the same can't be said for her younger brother Stefan.

He went on to become a celebrity chef and hosts BBC2's 'Cooking in the Danger Zone.' He's also hosted another series called 'Eating Insects with Stefan Gates.' The younger Gates says even though he and his sister appeared on the cover, he'd actually never heard the Led Zeppelin album until a few years ago. After declaring during a 2010 BBC Radio 4 documentary on the making of the disc that he had never heard it, he was presented with the opportunity.

At the time, he stated he always found the artwork "disturbing and haunting," but admitted that after listening for the first time that a weight had been lifted from him by hearing it.

The cover art for 'Houses of the Holy' was inspired by the ending of Arthur C. Clarke's novel, 'Childhood's End,' which featured several hundred naked children roaming the earth. Both of the children had their photos taken in black and white and they were later multi-printed to create 11 children on the cover. The photos were snapped by Aubrey Powell near Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.

TheFW has managed to track down many of the past cover models to find out where they turned up. From the boy on U2's 'Boy' to the jeans model from the Rolling Stones' 'Sticky Fingers' album, check out the whole list by clicking the button below.

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