You might think 'All My Love' is a love song, something Led Zeppelin did from time to time when they weren't signing about straight-up sex. But this synth-guided ballad, the No. 43 track on our Top 50 Led Zeppelin Songs list, was actually written by Robert Plant as a tribute to his late son Karac, who died in 1977 of a stomach infection when he was only five years old.

'All My Love' is one of only two Zeppelin songs that Jimmy Page did not help write. Maybe because of this, he never warmed to the song, later admitting that it was a bit "soft." But it meant a lot to Plant, who reportedly recorded his vocal in one take during the 'In Through the Out Door' sessions.

There's a killer longer version on bootlegs that adds a couple of minutes to the end of the song. Page gets more into it, but it's Plant who checks in with one of his most impassioned performances.


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