Poison's been on the back burner in recent years, but frontman Bret Michaels seems to think the band make a return to the stage in 2016 — and they'll "hopefully" line up a Vegas residency at some point.

Michaels weighed in on the subject during an interview with Las Vegas Magazine, responding to the question of a residency by revealing the band was "supposed to do it last year." He didn't get into the hows and whys of the deal falling apart, only saying "we wanted to do that," but Michaels made it clear he continues to hold out hope for some sort of extended engagement in the city.

"I think Poison would blow that away," Michaels predicted. "It’s two things: You want your visual show to be good, but you still gotta have it in your heart and passion as a person to make the show great. That would be the best of both worlds. I would love to do that for a couple of weeks, so hopefully we can work that out."

Elsewhere in the interview, Michaels seemed to dance around the subject of Poison's future as a fully functioning band, pointing out that "different guys want different things" after a group's been together for an extended period. He did, however, reiterate that he expects to see them back together in some capacity during 2016, which will mark the 30th anniversary of their debut LP, Look What the Cat Dragged In.

"I still feel blessed to be friends with these guys," said Michaels. "There’s a great energy there ... most of the dates I’ll do will continue to be solo, but the Poison stuff I think would be great for this summer to have select dates for the 30th anniversary, and then the 31st year it would be great to go out with Def Leppard again or go back on the road with Kiss or Aerosmith, or do something amazing."

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