Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is the face of the latest ad campaigns from two Danish brewers.

In the case of his affiliation with Carlsberg, Ulrich actually appears on the bottle. Hired as one of the six people invited to participate in the company's Stand Out Collection, Ulrich chose a shot of himself, taken by renowned photographer Ross Halfin, for the label. Saying "he 100 percent lives up to the message that is the whole idea behind the Stand Out Collection," Carlsberg brand manager Rasmus Bendtsen added, "Lars even suggested that we change the name of 'Carlsberg' to 'Larsberg.' He is a great partner."

A great partner, but not an exclusive one. Ulrich is also appearing in commercials for Gammel Dansk beer as part of a campaign that will see him serving as a jury member for a contest that rewards entrants who "go against the flow" with cash prizes. The first-place winner, to be named later this year, will take home more than $18,000. "For me, Gammel Dansk is something very, very special," Ulrich explained in a statement. "Therefore, it is fantastic to be able to give a prize to people who are also unique in some way."

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