The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wouldn't let them play, so Kiss took over 'The Tonight Show' set with a five-song mini-concert last night.

Only 'King of the Night Time World' made it to the actual television broadcast, but thanks to the almighty internet you can watch all five songs -- including 'Black Diamond, 'Deuce' and a 'Hotter Than Hell / Firehouse' medley -- right here. Bonus points to the group for skipping 'Rock and Roll All Nite' for once!

From the looks of the footage, Kiss are already in fine form for this summer's 40-date tour with Def Leppard, which kicks off June 23 in West Valley, Utah. This will be the first time most U.S. audiences get to see the band's new spider-shaped stage.

Perhaps as a way to offset the cost of building that massive production, the group revealed the price tag for their previously announced 'Kissteria' 34-record vinyl box set: $1,749.99. But wait, before you go into sticker shock, remember: shipping is free. Besides, what did you expect from the band who released a $4,299 photo book two years ago?

And in fairness, nobody's forcing you to buy this collection. Each of the group's studio albums are also being re-released separately; the only vinyl exclusive to this collection is a half-dozen greatest hits albums -- which you can find used from their original releases fairly easily, and which feature just a handful of otherwise unavailable studio tracks. So, unless you HAVE to own 'Strutter '78' and 'Let's Put the X in Sex' in newly remastered 180 gram vinyl, nobody's holding you hostage.

Watch Kiss Perform 'Black Diamond'

Watch Kiss Perform 'Deuce'

Watch Kiss Perform 'King of the Night Time World'

Watch Kiss Perform 'Hotter Than Hell' & 'Firehouse'

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