It remains to be seen whether Kiss will gain entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, but we at least know this much: If the fans were in charge, they'd be a shoo-in for induction.

Rolling Stone reports that the band walked away with a little more than 17 percent of the vote, followed by Nirvana (15.69 percent), Deep Purple (11.93 percent) and Yes (10.88 percent). Of course, all those votes don't actually add up to much when it comes to the actual Rock Hall; what it really means is that Kiss can now count on one vote among roughly 600.

But the fan vote is probably the one the band wants most anyway. The Rock Hall's a subject that Kiss leaders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have been asked to discuss many times over the years, and they've always maintained that it's phony and elitist, with a confused selection process to boot. As Stanley put it in a recent interview with the Huffington Post, "You've got a bunch of faceless people in a back room who trademark a name that sounds very official. Well, if you had thought of it first, you would have been the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I am one of the biggest Laura Nyro fans. I still listen to that stuff incessantly. Laura Nyro does not belong in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Songwriter Hall of Fame? Absolutely."

And as Simmons said in a separate interview, record sales are the only honors they really want. "Our awards are under the 'K' section in record stores," he shrugged. "Every time somebody goes out and plunks down their hard-earned money — either for a KISS ticket or for an album — that's the award and reward."

The rest of the votes are scheduled to be counted later this month, with final announcements coming before the end of December. If Kiss make the cut, it'll be interesting to see what's said at the podium during the ceremony in April.

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