Although they spent part of their weekend presenting an award at a country music award show, Kiss founder Gene Simmons says such industry sponsored events and trophies mean very little to Kiss.

Speaking to the Pulse of Radio, Simmons declares, "Our awards are under the 'K' section in record stores. Every time somebody goes out and plunks down their hard-earned money — either for a Kiss ticket or for an album — that's the award, and reward." We're presuming he's OK with them buying Kiss merchandise, as well.

The Demon's longtime partner in music, Paul Stanley, chose a boxing metaphor to describe his band's mostly up but sometimes down career trajectory: ""When you think of Muhammad Ali, you think of him as the champ," he explains. "You don't think of the times he lost — and he did. I'd rather think of us in those terms. Nobody stays on top all the time, but who's been champ longest?"

Here's hoping the band's next studio album, 'Monster,' knocks out all us long-time fans. The band will spend most of the summer co-headlining a tour (or as they call it, "The Tour") with Motley Crue.

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