Kiss are definitely about the bravado, but singer Paul Stanley says that even for him it gets to be a bit much at times, and he jokes about how far bandmate Gene Simmons takes things.

The vocalist told CNN, "Gene lives about five minutes from me - I can see his ego from my house! Gene enjoys being out there saying 'me, me, me' when it's actually 'we, we, we.' We're partners and part of the dynamic of a successful partnership is knowing its limitations. Friends come and go. We're family, which is more important!"

One place where Simmons and Stanley differ is on sharing their political opinions publicly. The singer says, "I certainly have my own opinions, but to stand up and think I have some sort of transfusion of knowledge on subjects I'm not that familiar with? It's embarrassing and astonishing to see people given media coverage who don't deserve it. There's nothing more embarrassing than seeing people who've become famous in film or music suddenly feeling they're in a position to have qualified opinions about anything other than music."

Stanley says he's surprised that anyone would take a celebrity speaking about politics seriously. He adds, "That's not a sleight to anybody who's close to me -- that's my astonishment at what I see on television. Does it really matter what somebody who has a hit record thinks of the political scene? It's absurd to me."

The vocalist says he's content to stick with the music, and that's where his head is at this summer. The band is hitting the road with Motley Crue as a lead up to the fall release of their 'Monster' album.

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