Ozzy Osbourne’s candid wife Sharon and KISS bass player Gene Simmons have finally patched things up. After years of insults and quarrels, Simmons apologized to Sharon on CBS TV show ‘The Talk,’ ending the highly publicized, nasty feud.

The whole situation started years ago when Simmons openly took shots Ozzy and their children, Kelly and Jack, as they were coping with drug issues and entering rehab. What mother wouldn’t defend her kids again that kind of public scrutiny, right?

Sharon, who is one of the hosts of ‘The Talk,’ brought up the incident during the show, reports NoiseCreep.com, by saying, "Many, many years ago when you first started Gene Simmons Family Jewels, it was reported that somebody said, 'Isn't it like 'the Osbournes?' And you said, 'No, because my kids aren't on drugs.' So I came back with a rebuttal.”

Sharon then mentioned there was “something printed in the KISS magazine about [how] there should have been a disclaimer at the beginning of the Osbournes that says, 'People shouldn't drink otherwise you'll end up like Ozzy.'"

She added, tears welling, that “…you said he was sad. And I don't think my husband is sad. So there we go."

Simmons came back with the apology: "Rightfully so. Any mother should defend her family. I don't remember saying those things. If I did, I was way out of line, your family is your business and no one has any right to say anything about them."

And with that, the two buried the hatchet for good and went back to (presumably) comparing makeup brands.

Ozzy's son recently sung his praises to the press, calling him "a new man who I respect."

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