Ever hear of the band LMFAO? Neither had we, but when we came across the American hip-hop duo the other day two things happened: First, we were, well, laughing our f---ing a--es off at the name of the group, which is a bit ridiculous, in a great way.

Second, we couldn't help but notice the insane similarity between the group's Sky Blu and Metallica's own Kirk Hammett. Sure, Kirk has a few years -- and a number of graying curls -- on Sky, who also seems to have a few pounds on the legendary metal guitarist.

So maybe they're not identical twins, nor in the same boxing weight class, but if someone produced birth certificates showing them to be long lost brothers, we'd certainly believe it.

Who knows? Maybe someday if LMFAO is celebrating their 30th anniversary, as Metallica just did with a guest star-packed series of shows in San Francisco, Hammet can join them onstage for a few songs.

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