It must be kind of weird to hang out with somebody who looks like you, but that's exactly what happens when Sammy Hagar kicks it with chef Guy Fieri.

The Cabo Wabo owner / tequila magnate / former Van Halen singer does indeed hang out with the celebrity chef / T.G.I. Friday’s ad spokesperson / 'Minute to Win It' host -- the two dudes are friends. With their similar build, goatees, wild hair (although let's be clear - Sammy doesn't mess around with the peroxide and spiky stuff) and penchant for wearing sunglasses at all hours of the day -- they two are easily mistaken for each other.

"I get called Sammy a lot, even though there’s a 20-year age difference there," Fieri tells The A.V. Club. "I don’t want it to come across that I’m saying I’m the Sammy Hagar of food or anything. But c’mon, Sammy, I told him this when we first started talking and cooking together -- that you always want to do something along those same lines and capture that energy he gets from the crowd."

For his part, Hagar, who says that he and Guy want to open a restaurant in Atlantic City, N.J., called Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar’s Rockin’ Tapas, refers to him as a longtime friend and explains it like this to Maxim: “(The) guy’s a closet rock star, and I’m a closet chef.”

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