The 1975 film 'Lisztomania' starred the Who's Roger Daltrey, but Ringo Starr's cameo performance as the Pope was just as memorable. Starr made his first big screen appearances in the Beatles flicks 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Help!,' but by the time 'Lisztomania' rolled around, he had appeared in a handful of other films, including Frank Zappa's '200 Motels.'

Ringo got royally decked out for 'Lisztomania,' with a wardrobe of elaborate papal vestments, a large golden staff and a jewel-encrusted crown. Add in in full beard with curly-tipped whiskers, and Ringo takes on the regal look of a certain king whose reign encompassed a national fast food advertising campaign virtually unavoidable over the last several years. We, of course, mean the only and only Burger King.

The Burger King's has joyous smirk frozen in plastic and a gigantic chin not shared by Starr's Pope, but otherwise there is an uncanny similarity. Are Burger King's ad execs secretly fans of obscure '70s cinema, perhaps?

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