Producer Kim Fowley's larger-than-life story continues to add outlandish chapters even after his death.

Fowley, who passed away Jan. 15 following a struggle with cancer, cut a colorful path through the record business during his long career, working with a long list of artists that included Frank Zappa, Warren Zevon, Kiss and Alice Cooper -- as well as overseeing the early career of the Runaways, the groundbreaking band that helped erode rock's stubborn gender barriers while launching the careers of Joan Jett and Lita Ford.

According to TMZ, musical taboos weren't the only boundaries Fowley wanted to break. The celebrity news network has filed a (decidedly NSFW) report detailing the unorthodox plans Fowley made for his corpse -- and the somewhat strange turn they've taken in the days since his death.

Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that Fowley expressed an interest in appearing as a model in a photo shoot for Girls and Corpses Magazine, which is apparently a real thing that attracts enough subscribers to stay in business during the post-print era. According to e-mails unearthed by TMZ's sources, Fowley reached out to the magazine in 2012 to offer himself up, and although the publisher passed on his most extreme requests, they did agree to a cover shoot between his corpse and his girlfriend.

The problem now -- at least for the magazine -- is that since that offer was made (and, presumably, money changed hands), Fowley parted ways with his girlfriend and, in 2014, married Kara Wright, his wife at the time of his death. Wright has reportedly been incommunicado since Fowley's passing; as the report puts it, the magazine "can't find her to allow them to shoot the body."

It's worth noting that more than a few of Fowley's fans have chimed in at the comments section of the TMZ report, pointing out that he loved getting a rise out of people and may have been hoping to pull off one last shock. If that's the case, then please join us in saying "mission accomplished" ... and in hoping this matter is resolved as quickly and privately as possible.

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