Generally speaking, Kid Rock seems like a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. Everyone has their limits, however, and Rock's apparently end right around the spot where someone else accuses him of being the owner of a sex toy that's part of a workplace-harassment lawsuit.

As we previously reported, Rock's name came up a couple of weeks ago during an ongoing trial that's been brought against the Insane Clown Posse by a former employee alleging sexual harassment. The plaintiff, Andrea Pellegrini, has described a litany of inappropriate behavior that includes bullying, wrongful termination, and the attempted gifting of a glass dildo -- which another ex-employee claims was ultimately given to Kid Rock.

The judge in the case ordered Rock to hand over the offending phallus, unleashing a torrent of sniggering headlines in the process. But Rock isn't amused. He's made his feelings known by using his website to publicly shame the lawyers involved in the lawsuit, posting the contents of the "actual letters" he's mailed in response to having his good name so brazenly sullied.

You can read the complete text of the letters here, starting with Rock's recommendation regarding exactly what "all parties involved" can go ahead and do with the aforementioned dildo. "I've never heard of, seen, or met any people involved in this case. But I'm pretty sure you already know that. What I do know is that you've been dragging my name around in the media to gain attention for your sad-ass excuse for a law firm," reads a portion of one letter. Asking the attorneys to imagine waking up one morning to discover they'd been falsely accused of getting "caught molesting animals at a petting zoo while high on bath salts," Rock queries, "wouldn't you be pissed off that your name, for days on end, was being mentioned in the press when EVERYONE involved knew you weren't involved in any way? Welcome to my side of this story."

And although owning sex toys is a pretty mild allegation considering the wild image Kid Rock cultivated in his early years, he makes an excellent point. Further, it's easy to understand the anger behind statements like: "It is obvious that all you a--holes are using my name and notoriety to garner publicity for yourselves, which makes you the worst kind of scum. You're the types of lawyers that make America a worse place for everyone. ... Your website says you represent people who are 'interested in doing the right thing.' I don't believe that, but prove me wrong."

The allegations have yet to be publicly retracted. In the meantime, the guys in Steely Dan may want to make sure they've got their own attorneys on speed dial.

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