Former Small Faces, Faces and Who drummer Kenney Jones has announced he will be reuniting with his old friends Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend for a benefit concert for prostate cancer awareness.

“Really pleased to hear my friends and former band mates Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend will be joining me on stage, where we will all perform together,” said Jones on his Facebook page.  Following a routine check up last summer, Jones himself was diagnosed with cancer.

After an MRI scan showed the disease had not spread, he underwent treatments in January. "Having been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, Prostate Cancer UK has been a huge support in my diagnosis and recovery," Jones told Get Surrey UK.

The open air 'Rock 'n' Horsepower' concert will be held June 14 at Ewhurt’s Hurtwood Park Polo Club, with all funds going to Prostate Cancer UK. Also lending a hand will be are Genesis’ Mike Rutherford and the Moody Blues’ John Lodge, and Procol Harum. “The line up is looking amazing," adds Jones. "I have a number of very talented friends on board who are set to make this day a totally unique event," he added. Jones, of course, joined the Who following the 1978 death of drummer Keith Moon and stayed with them through 1988.