Keith Richards and actor Johnny Depp, who became buddies when they teamed up on the silver screen in the 2007 film 'The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End,' apparently had such a blast they did an impromptu live performance at an after party celebrating new film 'The Rum Diary' held last week at a New York hotel, reports Paste magazine.

Somehow it seems fitting that the two, who reportedly became fast friends when Richards joined Depp in 'Pirates,' would also bond over a movie based on Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson's book.

The pair performed the Charlie Seger blues standard 'Key to the Highway,' which the Rolling Stones re-recorded in 1964. Richards did the main vocals at the one-off performance and he and Depp both played guitar. In classic A-list style, the two even had a horn and rhythm section backing them up.

At the end, the pair hugged and then waded, arm-in-arm, into the VIP crowd.

Something tell us if Thompson was still alive, he would have shared in the buddy bonding, too.

Watch Keith Richards and Johnny Depp Perform:

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