Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, two-thirds of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, have released 'Live From Manticore Hall,' a 10-track live album recorded during the duo's 2010 world tour. The record contains some of ELP's best-loved songs including 'Lucky Man,' 'From the Beginning,' and 'Tarkus.'

“‘Live From Manticore Hall’ is an introspective revisit to some of the music of ELP," Emerson said in a press release. "I think Greg and I gave it a personal touch with our Q&A sessions midway through the show. It was a delicate transformation that we present now.”

The missing ingredient to a full-fledged Emerson, Lake & Palmer reunion is, of course, drummer Carl Palmer. Although the trio has occasionally worked together since their initial reunion in the early '90s, it was a 2010 performance by the trio at the High Voltage Festival that fueled Palmer's decision to nix future performances.

“We rehearsed for five weeks, which I could never understand why we needed to rehearse that long,” Palmer said last year. “Upon hearing the recordings, maybe five weeks was not long enough. It wasn’t to the standard that I liked and I didn’t think it sounded that good.”

“For me, it’s just a pride thing,” Palmer added. “Unless it’s as good as what it can be, then I can’t do it. I would have carried on if it had been as good as it was. I don’t believe it was and I don’t believe it would have ever gotten back to that standard.”

Keith Emerson & Greg Lake 'Live From Manticore Hall' Track Listing

'From The Beginning'
'I Talk To The Wind'
"Bitches Crystal'
'The Barbarian'
"Take A Pebble'
'C'est Le Vie'
'Moog Solo' / 'Lucky Man'

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