After the hazy psychedelic detour of 1967's 'Their Satanic Majesties Request,' the Rolling Stones roared back with a vengeance on 'Jumpin' Jack Flash.'The strident song was recorded in spring 1968 at London's Olympic Studios. Mick Jagger's vocals ooze sexuality and attitude, even if the lyrics were reportedly inspired by Keith Richards' gardener. And while its arpeggiated riffs feel like remnants of the psych-garage craze of the time, 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' incorporates tinges of swinging '60s London and bar-band hip-swivels.

“It was recorded in the most peculiar way,” Jagger told Rolling Stone in 1988. “We recorded Keith and Charlie Watts on a cassette, then put the cassette on a multi-track to get the distortion.”


Watch the Rolling Stones Perform 'Jumpin' Jack Flash'