Julian Casablancas isn't likely to make a lot of friends with his latest interview, after calling his distaste for the Beatles an "advantage."

This should be no surprise to anyone who follows the Strokes singer, who's never been shy about revealing some unpopular opinions. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Casablancas spoke about the history of his other band, the Voidz, who will release their second album, Virtue, on March 30.

"I have that maybe advantage that I didn't like or listen to the Beatles," he said. "I feel like that's almost like the branch of, like, 98 percent of stuff you hear. ... But then there's the Velvet Underground. I know Lou Reed hated the Beatles."

That wasn't the only thing Casablancas weighed in on. He also had some thoughts about where online music headed over the past decade. "I really thought at the beginning of the internet, too — well, not the beginning but YouTube or whatever, five to 10 years ago, I really felt like, Oh, man, you can hear anything, any style of music from any country," he said. "And I really thought, Man, music's gonna get crazy and there's gonna be all this stuff that just totally did not happen. I don't know if its Spotify or just like Top 10-, Top 40-generating playlist vibes ... I mean, yes, it'll maybe recommend a Misfits song you might like, but I'm just kind of surprised at how not worldly and underground universal cool world music has permeated."

Casablancas then took the opportunity to put down modern pop music. "It's more about scientifically profitable mainstream music," he noted. "Because when you just look at the numbers — and not that I give a shit about statistics, but just you go to YouTube — and you see, like, Oh, all my favorite stuff has a hundred thousand to a million [views] versus the billions and billions and billions of pop stuff. It's just kind of like, Oh, geez."

For Casablancas, the takeaway is, "For every cool music fan there's, what, like 200,000 to 300,000 people that like, you know, One Direction. I don't know, it's just confusing."

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