Whitesnake leader David Coverdale will be served mineral volcanic water, and Judas Priest will have access to "unlimited" quantities of chocolate as part of their compensation for performing at the Sofia Rocks 2011 Festival, which takes place this July in Bulgaria.

Think about what the promoter has agreed to for a second. Unlimited quantities of chocolate. According to this story, Rob Halford and company apparently announced they would spend four straight days hanging out at the festival. Could they literally set up camp each day and demand sweets until their teeth fell out?

Or is it a 24-hour shopping spree kind of thing, just for the day they perform? Do you think it's new Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner who has the chocolate addiction?

Judas Priest have also requested plenty of chili and tabasco sauce, while Coverdale asked for meals heavy in vegetables -- but no onions or broccoli! -- in addition to his exotic hydration request.

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