Journey's tear-jerker hit 'Faithfully' was the focus of a fierce battle round on Monday's episode of 'The Voice,' when Tony Vincent and Justin Hopkins both took the stage for an emotional run-through of the tune that left coach Cee Lo Green with a difficult decision to make: Which singer would he send to the next round, and which would he send home?

Both Vincent and Hopkins turned in -- sorry --  faithful versions, and what is supposed to be a duel came off more like a duet. With each singer feeding off the other's energy, the performance carried the kind of vibe that made it one of the most moving of the entire night -- which didn't make Cee Lo's decision any easier. Neither did the fact that both singer's families were looking on, each hoping for a trip back next week.

So what was the verdict?  Adam Levine and Blake Shelton both preferred Hopkins, while Christina Aguilera spoke out in favor of Vincent and his versatile voice. But the decision was Green's alone to make, and after the R&B star praised Hopkins and admitted "it was the toughest [decision] for me," he went along with Aguilera and picked -- after a long, dramatic pause -- Vincent.

See you next week, Tony.

Watch Tony Vincent and Justin Hopkins of 'The Voice' Perform Journey's 'Faithfully'

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