The Heller family of Maple Valley, Wash., has been spending its coronavirus self-quarantine by making a shot-for-shot recreation of Journey's "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" video.

“When my wife came to me with the idea," Steven Heller told Today, "my first thought was, ‘That sounds like a lot of work!” But he eventually bought into it, and the family followed suit, especially eldest child, 15-year-old Lily, who proved adept at picking out the clothes they should wear.

“We wanted to be able to, 10 years from now, say, ‘Remember when we were stuck in our home and we did this crazy thing and it was so much fun?’” Steven explained.

The video was shot on iPhones and put together by Steven, who has a background in video production. The clip has been seen by more than 130,000 people so far, including Journey guitarist Neal Schon. Heller received a message from Mike Savoia, Journey's tour photographer, who told him that Schon and his wife loved it. "How cool is that?" Steven said.

You can watch the video below.

The Hellers aren't the first to pay homage to the "Separate Ways" video. In 2014, writer and producer Katie King remade it for her birthday after realizing Journey " had written 'the soundtrack of our lives." She gathered some friends together and spent a day and a half working on the clip with a budget consisting of "wigs, jean jackets and pizza." Last year, the New York disco-funk band Escort did recreated the 1982 Journey video to promote their song "Outta My Head."


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