It's already entered the annals of MTV history as one of the textbook examples of early-80s unintentional comedy, so what new way can people pay tribute to the video for Journey's hit 'Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)?' That question has been answered with a shot-for-shot remake, which can be viewed above.

Everything that has made the 'Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) video one of our Hilariously Outdated Videos is in there -- the mullets, the black leather mini-skirt and, most of all, the air instruments. In the lower right, the original video is embedded for comparison.

The project was the brainchild of Katie King, a writer/producer living in Los Angeles. On her website, she wrote about her reasons for doing the remake. "I've been intrigued by Journey since college," she began. "When some roommates and I stumbled across Journey's 'Behind the Music' special on VH-1 and realized that Journey really had written 'the soundtrack of our lives.' The video for 'Separate Ways' is one of the best/worst of all time, and this year for my birthday I gathered together some fun and talented friends to attempt a shot-by-shot recreation. Shot in 1.5 days with a limited budget that went entirely towards wigs, jean jackets and pizza, the results were so inspiring we had to capture some of the behind the scenes magic as well. I think Steve Perry would be proud?"

King also made her own "Making of the video" clip that spliced outtakes and stills from the video shoot with bits of the VH-1 'Behind the Music' program.

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