Got tickets to see Journey between now and the end of the year? Bad news: The band actually isn't touring.

They set the record straight in a recent Facebook post, pointing out that a series of dates being promoted as "Journey Tour 2014" has nothing to do with Journey. "Attention CAUTION fans," reads the update, which includes a screenshot of the offending tour promo. "Someone is selling tickets that are phony and a rip off. WE ARE DONE WITH OUR TOUR ... THIS IS NOT REAL."

The idea that someone would pretend to sell Journey tickets is almost too bizarre to comprehend, and fortunately, that doesn't seem to be what's happening here. The long list of dates that's being promoted actually appears to be the Journeys Noise Tour, a package sponsored by the clothing manufacturer that features headliners Issues and special guests I Killed the Prom Queen, Ghosttown, Marmozets and Nightmares. It would seem safe to assume that neither Journeys nor the bands listed on the bill would be thrilled to learn that their promotion is being bungled this way, but none of the parties involved appear to have issued a comment regarding the miscommunication.

In the meantime, rest assured that Journey are off the road for the rest of 2014 -- and start looking forward to next year, when according to the comments in the aforementioned Facebook post, the band plans to announce a new run of shows with Tower of Power and the Steve Miller Band.