The man who stole $100K worth of jewelry from Jon Bon Jovi is going to prison. On Friday a judge sentenced Nicholas Tracy to five years for a string of burglaries in Monmouth County, N.J. Bon Jovi was one of the victims.

In total, over $300K in jewelry and personal items were taken by the 22-year-old. According to, Tracy was eventually apprehended on April 13, 2011 when Middletown police caught him in the act of burglarizing another home. Investigators then further investigated and found some of the stolen property.

Tracy pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree theft and one count of third-degree burglary. In addition to the rock star's house, he targeted other large mansions in the area. Prior to his arrest residents described him as charming but quirky. One man told Fox News that he'd photographed Tracy driving around with a large bust of Napoleon Bonaparte in the passenger seat. The two chatted, and weeks later Tracy was arrested.

The Bon Jovi singer has been on the road lately, campaigning in support of President Barack Obama. Earlier this month he appeared at a fundraiser in Los Angeles that included George Clooney and Stevie Wonder.