At a recent stop in Todos Santos, Mexico, '80s underground rock legends the Dream Syndicate were joined on stage by Led Zeppelin bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones, and former REM guitarist Peter Buck.

Jones joined the band on organ for their classic 'John Coltrane Stereo Blues,' which has been known to go on for upwards of 20 minutes at times. The version Saturday night came pretty close to those epic proportions, allowing Jones and guitarist Jason Victor to stretch out, at one point morphing into the Doors' 'Break On Through.'

Video from the Jan. 25th show has surfaced on You Tube. "Check out JPJ's solo around the 7 minute mark," Dream Syndicate's Steve Wynn posed on his Facebook page. "Amazing--I was flashing back to seeing Led Zep at the Forum back in 1976."

The Dream Syndicate made a lot of waves in the early '80s with the release of their debut album, 'The Days Of Wine And Roses,' which combined elements of the Velvet Underground, CCR, the Fall and Neil Young to great effect. It remains an underground classic. They followed it up with the more polished 'Medicine Show,' produced by Blue Oyster Cult veteran Sandy Pearlman. The band split by the end of the decade, but reunited in 2012.

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