John Mellencamp is officially divorced from his estranged wife and model Elaine Irwin Mellencamp. The two parted ways on Sept. 1, 2010 and filed for their divorce on Jan. 14. The divorce, which marked the rocker's third, became final on Friday, Aug. 12.

According to the settlement agreement [via People], the couple negotiated "an amicable settlement of all issues involving property and maintenance rights, the custody and support of their children, and all other issues."

Mellencamp and Irwin were married 18 years and have two sons -- Hud (17) and Speck (16). They will share joint legal custody of the boy, with Irwin having primary physical custody. Mellencamp will pay for the boys' schooling costs as well as child support, as stated in the portion of the settlement agreement that was made public.

In January, Mellencamp's rep said both the singer and his now ex-wife planned on staying in the state of Indiana where "they will continue to raise their children." Leading up to their divorce, the Mellencamps shared a 56-acre estate in Lake Monroe, which is close to Bloomington, Ind.

Since the couple split, Mellencamp has been dating actress Meg Ryan. The two have been spotted on several occasions around the Martha's Vineyard area, as well as New York City and Bloomington.

Besides his two children with Irwin, Mellencamp is also father to three other children from two previous wives.