We find the oddest uses for things now and then don't we. Just ask Alberta dentist Dr. Michael Zuk, who purchased a tooth, from the mouth of John Lennon, for over $32,000. The doc's sister, artist Kirsten Zuk, has used a piece of the molar in a clay sculpture of the famed Beatle.The tooth was bought at a Stockport, England auction in November.

The artist half of the siblings told the Edmonton Sun, “I love John Lennon.  I’ve been a huge fan all my life." adding, “This is like a time-capsule. It will contain his DNA!”  The molar in question was apparently given, by Lennon, to his one time housekeeper, Dot Jarlett in the late '60s, and somewhere along the way, landed in the hands of Creation Records founder Alan McGee. The man behind Oasis, Biff Bang Pow and many more sold the Lennon tooth in a rock memorabilia auction.

“Once I heard (the tooth) was up for sale I had to have it," Dr. Zuk told the BBC. The artist resides in Canada, which is where the sculpture is currently on display, as part of the Edmonton Fringe Festival. She has hopes the sculpture will help raise awareness, and donations, for a charity called Smile Train, which helps underprivileged children get free access to cleft surgery.