John Frusciante, the former guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, says he doesn't make his music with the intention of actually releasing it. Oddly, this news comes in an interview promoting his newest release of electronic dance music, Trickfinger.

As he tells Electronic Beats, “For the last year and a half, I made the decision to stop making music for anybody and with no intention of releasing it, which is what I was doing between 2008 and 2012. I felt that if I took the public into consideration at all, I wasn’t going to grow and I wasn’t going to learn. Being an electronic musician meant I had to woodshed for a while, so I have a good few years’ worth of material from that period that’s never been released.”

Frusciante joined the Chili Peppers in 1988, playing on their commercial breakthroughs Mother’s Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magik, but left in 1992 during one of the their tours. He rejoined in 1998 for Californication and walked away for the second time 11 years later. Before switching to EDM in 2012, he released a series of experimental guitar albums that failed to capture the public’s imagination, a fact that Frusciante readily acknowledges, saying that having no commercial expectations has given him freedom to follow his path.

“At this point, I have no audience,” he continued. “I make tracks and I don’t finish them or send them to anybody, and consequently I get to live with the music. The music becomes the atmosphere that I’m living in. I either make really beautiful music that comes from classical, or I make music where the tempo is moving the whole time, and there’s no melodic or rhythmic center.“

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