John Fogerty came to feel that Creedence Clearwater Revival's deal with Fantasy Records was unfair and onerous, and he eventually agreed to cede an even larger percentage of the money from that catalog to extricate himself. On his 1985 album 'Centerfield' he included two songs that were thinly-veiled attacks on Fantasy Records President Saul Zaentz, who responded with a lawsuit that forced Fogerty to change the title of one song. He then sued Fogerty for copyright infringement, claiming that the hit 'The Old Man Down the Road' was essentially the same as CCR's 'Run Through the Jungle' -- to which Zaentz held the copyright. The jury ruled in Fogerty's favor after he demonstrated the differences by performing the two songs on guitar on the witness stand.


Watch A Video Clip About the John Fogerty/Fantasy Records Lawsuit

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