John Corabi came very close to killing himself when he lost his job as Motley Crue's lead singer in 1997. At a recent acoustic concert in London, he gave the details of the firing, and the aftermath. The video is embedded below.

Believing he was going to a recording session, he arrived at the studio to discover people in suits waiting for him. "Crabby," they said. "We love you. But unfortunately the record company are not going to support this version of the band. We have to let you go because we’re bringing Vince [Neil] back.”

Corabi was hired to replace Neil, who left in 1992. He recorded one album with the band, 1994's 'Motley Crue,' which failed to build upon the runaway success of their previous effort, the multi-platinum 'Dr. Feelgood.' It didn't take long for the news to sink in.

“I went out and I got into the brand new sports car I had just bought, like, four weeks before," he continued. "I opened up the glove box, I pulled the gun out, and I stuck it in my mouth. But I didn’t load it – so that was okay."

After regaining his composure, he went home and broke the news to his girlfriend, who then proceeded to break up with him.

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