Taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has to be harder without any hair on your head to help ward off the chill, but Joe Satriani still took it like a champ.

As we reported earlier, Sammy Hagar credited Satriani with challenging him during his video, which found him passing the challenge along to his former bandmates Alex and Eddie Van Halen. You can watch Satriani's clip above.

Sure enough, Satriani named Hagar among his challengees, as well as their Chickenfoot co-founders Michael Anthony and Chad Smith. If we'd gotten a vote in all this, the dunking would have taken place when all four of them were in the same place, preferably during a break in the sessions for that long-discussed third Chickenfoot record, but we'll have to keep waiting for that, as well as for Anthony and Smith's own videos. (Fingers crossed for some sort of Chad Smith/Will Ferrell ALS Ice Bucket Challenge collaboration.)

In the meantime, there are plenty of other rockers taking the plunge, and Ultimate Classic Rock has rounded up the best of the bunch for your viewing enjoyment right here.

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