Thursday night (Dec. 29), Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry treated fans and himself to a two-hour long Q&A session through his personal Twitter page. The evening was filled with an array of questions -- some personal, some music related, and some were even about the band's frontman, Steven Tyler's recent fall that left him with a chipped tooth and a black eye! Here are some of the highlights from Joe Perry's fan Twitter Q&A:

What is your favorite song to perform live? "It's usually a song I haven't played in a while."

Do you ever get stage fright anymore? "No just excited."

Do you regret leaving the band for that short period or do you think it helped you as an individual? "No I think it did me a world of good."

When was the moment that you knew you guys were gonna be big and how did it feel? "We came back to Boston and played at a high school and there was a line around the building. It felt like the first time..."

What goes through your head before you get on stage and kick its a--? "As much as I try to relax, the last 10 mins is always a frenzy. And when the tape is rolling, I'm still buttoning my pants."

What did you first think when Steven fell down and broke some teeth here in Paraguay? "Oh f---, he's done it again! The poor bastard. He's accident prone and got such a good heart for his fans and I felt bad 4him."

What was your most memorable moment in this tour? "Flying in to Ecuador and flying over the stadium and seeing all the fans. Everyones jaw dropped on the plane, what a sight!"

What's your favorite Aerosmith album? "My fav would be the first one 'Aerosmith' and the one we are working on now, but then, it's always that way."

Your solo album from 2005 if amazing ... When will we get new 1 like that? "We are talking about a compilation JPP record in the future with some new songs on it."

Will you ever release your own book? "Yes I'm working on a book now."

What's your favorite place in the world? "I love traveling the whole world. Always find something great about every place we go."

Have you ever been stopped by a Fanatic fan on the street? "I stop and sign autographs every chance I can."

Do you choose your own clothes? "Yes I choose my own clothes."

What was the best thing that happened to you in your life? "I met [my wife] Billie Montgomery, with out a doubt!"

Billie seems so nice, how has she influenced you? "She is honest about my work, and she tells me if she thinks its good or not. And she is my muse w/all matters of love and poetry."

Does Billie do you hair? "Yes Billie does my hair. She cuts it and has for as long as I can remember."

What's the weirdest thing you've done to your hair? "One summer about 8 years ago, I had a crew-cut, and I don't mean Motley Crew, needless to say, there were no pics that summer."

What do you and Billie like to do for fun?  "Travel together, works out well."

Do you have some hints to say to new guitarists? "Go back and listen to the old stuff. Like: Les Paul, Jerry Reed, Freddie King, and Chuck Berry."

Coke or Pepsi? "That would be Coke, always has been always will be."

Cats or dogs? "Always been a dog person but we love icon the cat. I guess I just love all animals. Even the ones in my crosshairs."

Favorite book? "'The Iliad' by Homer. A great story."

What is your favorite movie? "I think my fav movie right now is 'O' Brother Where Art Thou' and anything with Will Ferrell."

What's the best band you've ever seen live? "I'd say that Cheap Trick is the most consistently great band and I've seen them dozens of times."

Which is your favorite guitar? "Right now I have an old [Fender] Strat I love and I'm playing a lot on this new CD."

What is the best place to eat? "Somewhere between the fridge and my bedroom."

When you wake up in the morning and you realize that you are Joe Perry, what do you feel? "I wake up, say 'Oh my god, and try to fall back to sleep.'"

What are you doing for New Year's Eve? "I don't know, it's going have something to do with Billie and the shades will be drawn...."

To see the rest of Joe Perry answering his fans questions, visit his Twitter page by clicking here!