You won't hear it in 2016, but Joe Perry appears to be just about finished with his next solo album.

The Aerosmith guitarist offered an update on his latest outside project during a recent interview with the Musician's Ear, saying the record is "in the can right now" — although it sounds like it's still something of an open question as to when the end result will actually make its way to stores.

"I just need to polish it up a bit more," said Perry. "I’m looking to release some of it in the new year."

Perry first announced the project in 2015, telling fans it would be a mostly instrumental effort, but it's changed direction in the months since those sessions started. More recently, Perry revealed the involvement of singers Terry Reid, David Johanson and Iggy Pop — the latter of whom gave the album what Perry referred to as its "turning point."

"It’s got all kinds of sounds, but I would probably say ‘funky’ is the quickest way to put it," he explained. "Everything starts with rhythm and that vibe. When I’m writing songs, it always starts with some variation of R&B and funk, whether it’s been from the first Aerosmith stuff till what we’re going to work on this afternoon."

As for Perry's other non-Aerosmith project, the all-star Hollywood Vampires outfit he leads with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, the future is currently unclear. Having wrapped a round of dates that saw Perry collapsing and being hospitalized during a show, the band seemingly hasn't discussed making more music.

"I’m not sure," Perry admitted when asked whether the Vampires would record again. "But we do have a charity show happening in December. I’m looking forward to that."

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